Which PC Cooling System is the Best?

Air Cooling System
This is the cooling system of the oldest in the PC world and is still used today. This system dominates the cooling system on the PC because of its simplicity and lower cost. Although this system also has some drawbacks, one of which is very noisy. Air-conditioning system consists of 2 pieces of components, namely the heatsink and fan. Heatsink is useful to absorb the heat on the processor. Blade-blade is useful for channeling heat into the air surrounding the processor. While the fan heatsink is useful to describe the heat into the surrounding air more quickly. That is why heatsinks designed bladed-blades due to better facilitate the distribution of hot air into the surrounding air.

Water Cooling System
The system uses water to absorb heat in the heatsink. The principle works like the radiator system on the car. Mounted on the processor water block that contains
many blades of copper / aluminum on duty as a heatsink, which absorbs the heat of the processor. But the blades are placed in a block that contains water. In this block there are two channels, one for incoming water and the other to exit the water. Well, hot on the blades of the heatsink is absorbed by water which is then dumped out the water block to the reservoir or reservoir water through a water hose. This water is then cooled by the cooling fan located on the reservoir. The water in the reservoir that has been chilled and then pumped by a miniature electric water pump out the reservoir through a water hose and then go into the water block to replace water that has been circulating cool the heatsink. So this water circulates to cool the heatsink, then back out to the hot water reservoir that then it will idinginkan by a fan. Because the distance between the blocks with the reservoir water can be flexible with the distance as far as 3 meters, this means no motor fan in the PC. Reservoir cooling fan motor and an electric water pump can be placed apart from the mini PC. It makes more silent PC system.

System Peltier (thermoelectric)
It is a system that does not cool the system, but simply move heat from one end to the other. The difference in temperature between the hot end to cold end can range between 70 degrees to 120 degrees. Peltier cooling works on the principle of heat pump that works using very much power. This cooling system can use the power of 80 to 130 watts to be working. While the peltier system itself also generates heat that is also required heatsink and fan for peltier system. So if we add the overall system temperature, then the use of peltier system will be more heat. But the temperature on the processor could be as cold as the temperature of our refrigerator. Technically the use of peltier system is ideal because it can transfer heat out of the system processor PC with a good and fast, but it turns out peltier also brings many problems & hazards, ie for example overheating if the fan dies that will burn the processor, the problem of electricity because too much wear peltier power, condensation / condensation that occurs due to the extreme difference between the temperature of the processor is cooled to ambient temperature.

Processor has a freezing temperature of minus point where at a certain processor will show symptoms that are called by the OC-er as a symptom of "processor FLU" or molecule-molecule transistor processor can not work at these temperatures and can cause the processor will not work, or better known as freezing.

In cooler bong we do not have to heat the first processor that would be installed because the installation bong bong itself take a long time in order to avoid condensation point temperature can cause condensation on the processor (there titik2 water) if already now there is water formed his own know how consequences.

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