List of GTA Vice City Cheat Code and How to Use It

Actually use the GTA cheat on the PC very easy it's just not many people know.

If there is to know how to use the cheat, the average they do not know all the cheat her. Therefore, I will tell both of them.

How to use Cheat:
    At the time of the game in progress or pause, type the cheat code to activate the code function. If you type it correctly, it will display the words "Cheat Activated" at the top corners.

    To disable the cheat is active, type the cheat code again. If typed in correctly then it will appear the words "Cheat deactivated".

    List of cheat codes for GTA Vice City PC
      Hasil Kode Cheat
      Health [Note 1]aspirine
      Weapon (tier 1)thugstools
      Weapon (tier 2)professionaltools
      Weapon (tier 3)nuttertools
      Increase wanted levelyouwonttakemealive
      Reduce wanted level (anti police)leavemealone
      Show wanted level media levelchasestat
      Expert drivinggripiseverything
      Dodo car (fly) [Note 2]comeflywithme
      Rhino tankpanzer
      Fast timelifeispassingmeby
      Fast game playonspeed
      Slow game play (matrix)booooooring
      Explode all carsbigbang
      Pedestrians fightingfightfightfight
      Pedestrians attackingnobodylikesme
      Pedestrians have weaponsourgodgivenrighttobeararms
      Pedestrians enter your carhopingirl
      Change wheel sizeloadsoflittlethings
      Only wheels (transparan)wheelsareallineed
      Bikini women with guns [Catatan 3]chickswithguns
      Traffic chaosmiamitraffic
      All cars are pinkahairdresserscar
      All cars are hitamiwantitpaintedblack
      All cars are hijaugreenlight
      Romero carthelastride
      Love Fist Limousinrockandrollcar
      Rubbish Carrubbishcar
      Bloodring Banger (style 1)travelinstyle
      Bloodring Banger (style 2)gettherequickly
      Caddy carbetterthanwalking
      Pedestrians costume [Note 4]stilllikedressingup
      Lance Vance costumelooklikelance
      Ken Rosenberg costumemysonisalawyer
      Hilary King costumeilooklikehilary
      Jezz Torent (Love Fist) costumerockandrollman
      Dick (Love Fist) costumeweloveourdick
      Phil Cassaday costumeonearmedbandit
      Sonny Forelli costumeidonthavethemoneysonny
      Mercedes costumefoxylittlething
      Car floating on waterseaways
      Fast carsgetthereveryfastindeed
      Fery fast cargetthereamazinglyfast
      Faster cargettherefast
      Tommy's groupie [Note 5]fannymagnet
      Ricardo Diaz costumecheatshavebeencracked
      Smoking Tommycertaindeath
      Fat Tommydeepfriedmarsbars
      Skinny tomyprogrammer
      Nice weatherapleasantday
      Great weatheralovelyday
      Hot weatherabitdrieg
      Storm weathercatsanddogs
      Foggy weathercantseeathing
      Flying shipairship

      Note 1: If this cheat is activated at the time of your car in a damaged condition, damage will return to zero (not broken) but does not eliminate the visual effect of the damage.
      Note 2: You may not be able to use a helicopter correctly when this code is enabled.
      Note 3: The women will drop guns when they were killed.
      Note 4: Repeat this code to replace with other costumes, including the police.
      Note 5: Point the gun at the target then your friends will help you kill the target.

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