3 World's Most Famous Hacker

World of hackers has been known since the computer, and they began more reigned-Jaunty since the Internet. Well if you're wondering who the most famous hacker in the world, this article will be able to answer

1. Kevin Mitnick (born 6 Agustus 1963)

Kevin is known for his hacking a pretty horrendous America, and is "the most wanted computer criminal in United States history". His story had been filmed as much as 2 times in Hollywood, with the title 'Takedown' and 'Freedom Downtime. "Hacker Kevin started his first action against the transportation system in Los Angeles. After breaking into the system 'punchcard' (subscription card readings bus), he can wear a bus anywhere for free. Kevin's next action is to break the telephone system, in which he can use long distance telephone service for free.
After identifying a computer, Kevin had to do hacking on:
- DEC (Digital Equipment Corporation) system
- IBM Mini Computers at the 'Computer Learning Center of Los Angeles'
- Hacking the system Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Sun Microsystems and Fujitsu Siemens
- To fool the FBI
Kevin finally got caught and serving a prison sentence of 5 years. He was only released in 2000. Once free, he was not allowed to use telecommunications devices and phones until 2003. After Kevin's right to sue in court, finally he is allowed to use communication devices and computers. Kevin currently works as a computer security consultant.

2. Adrian Lamo (born 1981)

Adrian is a journalist and a hacker predicated 'gray' (can be good, be evil), is mainly known in the hacking of computer networks that have a series of high-security high. He has become a popular man after breaking into computer systems 'The New York Times' in 2002 and 'Microsoft'. He is also known to be able to identify deficiencies in computer network security of companies included in the list of 'Fortune 500 companies' and then tell them the weaknesses and gaps that he found.

This case was investigated by the FBI for 15 months, after The New York Times reported the existence of their systems are hacked. It was found in 2003 that the cause is Adrian. Adrian was hiding a few days, and finally surrendered to the FBI in 2004.

Adrian eventually have to undergo punishment 'house arrest' by her parents, and two years of probation with fines of about $ 65,000. Adrian is also believed to be trying to break through the computer system Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Bank of America and CitiGroup, to exploit security gaps that exist.

3. Jonathan James (born 12 Desember 1983)
James is the youngest United States convicted of cyber crime. Barely 16 years old, he was sent to prison for hacking U.S. defense department website.

He confessed to hacking is a challenge and is one of pleasure. NASA also got fruit sap of keisengannya, James managed to steal (download) software that NASA estimated to be worth $ 1.7 million U.S. dollars in 1999. NASA should be forced to shut down the server and the system as a result of the actions of the James for three weeks. And after that NASA should mengelaurkan sekiatar cost $ 41,000 to fix the system is uprooted.

6 months after NASA's James break through, he was arrested at his home by local police at 6 am. He is serving a prison sentence of 6 months because it is still a minor, and probation 'house arrest' to reach 21 years of age. James was not allowed to interact with the computer that long.

James died on May 18, 2008, no information what caused his death.

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