Hacker Damage 10,000 Israeli Sites

While Israel continues to spew the bullets in the Gaza Strip, the hackers also do a "war" in cyberspace with ways to infiltrate Israeli websites by posting videos, photos and slogans condemning Israeli aggression.

Newspaper Asharq al-Awsat published in London in the report mentioned, the hackers who destroy Israel sites were allegedly operating out of Lebanon, Morocco, Iran and Turkey. While the Israeli radio reports said the target of hackers that are sites of companies and institutions including the government of Israel Israeli Defense Ministry site and the site of Israel Discount Bank.

3 World's Most Famous Hacker

World of hackers has been known since the computer, and they began more reigned-Jaunty since the Internet. Well if you're wondering who the most famous hacker in the world, this article will be able to answer

Download Sadako for your PC

Do you know an application named Sadako? This application is an application that joke is not funny at all for me hehehe ... :)

HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED for those of you who suffer from diseases like heart attack or disease.

How it works roughly like this:
  • You run the application.
  • Indirect happen.
  • At the moment you begin to forget or perhaps doing other things in front of a computer,
  • A ghost image will appear with a sudden that coincide with a voice that will support you to be more surprised.
  • You will be surprised and immediately close the application from task manager.

Convert to NTFS File System with Command Prompt

On Microsoft Windows recognize the various kinds of system files on your hard disk or flash. The file system is FAT (File Allocation Table), FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. Own NTFS stands for New Technology File System is a development of FAT32, and was first recognized in Windows NT. NTFS rather than FAT32 has some advantages, especially in terms of security, compression, and carrying capacity.

Gunbound World Champion

Do you know an online game called Gunbound. This game is not much different from similar games worms. First, this game is quite popular among online gamers. But now there are many who still play this game. Gunbound is a game production Softnyx.