Convert to NTFS File System with Command Prompt

On Microsoft Windows recognize the various kinds of system files on your hard disk or flash. The file system is FAT (File Allocation Table), FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS. Own NTFS stands for New Technology File System is a development of FAT32, and was first recognized in Windows NT. NTFS rather than FAT32 has some advantages, especially in terms of security, compression, and carrying capacity.

Here we will discuss how to convert FAT to NTFS file system on a hard drive or flash without re-format the drive.

1. Select the start menu - run.

2. In the Run box type "cmd" and click OK to continue.

3. After performing the Command Prompt window, type the command to convert:

convert [drive]: /fs:ntfs

For example, I will convert the flash disk on the D drive partition, then type the command

convert d: /fs:ntfs

and press enter

4. Confirmation will appear that you will do the conversion. type y and press enter

5. Windows will do the conversion on the drive partition to NTFS.

Although the risk of damage or loss of data during the conversion process have been minimized if Windows XP, but it is advisable to backup data on your hard disk or flash disk to be converted.

Hardware errors, which led to conflict program hangs, or breaking the flow of electricity during the conversion process can cause failure resulting loss of data.

If you convert a drive system or any windows program that takes place on the drive, windows will menghentkan conversion process and asked to restart the computer. Windows will continue the conversion process on next boot.

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