Download Sadako for your PC

Do you know an application named Sadako? This application is an application that joke is not funny at all for me hehehe ... :)

HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED for those of you who suffer from diseases like heart attack or disease.

How it works roughly like this:

  • You run the application.
  • Indirect happen.
  • At the moment you begin to forget or perhaps doing other things in front of a computer,
  • A ghost image will appear with a sudden that coincide with a voice that will support you to be more surprised.
  • You will be surprised and immediately close the application from task manager.

Maybe when you run this application will not see anything. But behind the scenes in fact this application is already running.

To view applications behind the screen, press Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously will display the Task Manager window. From here you can see an application called SADAKO.EXE. To turn off the application, you can click the application and click end task / end process.

Little notice. Although this application is not harmful to the computer, PCMedia Antivirus (PCMAV) detected as (Joke.Hikaru ....), and even then with engine Clamav. If you are in doubt, should not be downloaded.

You can download the application by clicking the link below:

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