Gunbound World Champion

Do you know an online game called Gunbound. This game is not much different from similar games worms. First, this game is quite popular among online gamers. But now there are many who still play this game. Gunbound is a game production Softnyx.

  • Display logged on Gunbound.
Here you are prompted to enter your username and password.

  • Display after login, select a server.
Here are some servers with level restrictions and avatar abilities. For example, the server 1. Aphrodite is only limited to the level of double metal axe the ability avatars off. To server 4. Zeus is not limited to any level (including the white dragon / highest level in Gunbound are only occupied one person only) with the ability avatars off.

  • Display to select a room.
After selecting a server, you can get into the avatar shop or go to the room to start the game. Perhaps here also can be said in this game the main menu. Because we also can set the options, view status, and others.

Used to view the status of, for example: GP, Ranking, Total Cash, Gold, etc.

-Buddy List
Used to record a list of friends that we will enter into Buddy. Serves to facilitate searching, see the status (online / offline), see the location (server, room / channel), and make it easier for mngirim IM messages.

  • Avatar Shop.
Used to buy avatars (avatars here instead of Avatar The Last Airbender, but as clothes and other knick knacks that are used in game play).
Avatars can also affect the actual strength of character Gunbound if used on a server that "avatar abilities" him on.
Avatars to choose from, among others:

  1. Head, an avatar in the form of headgear such as hats and hair.
  2. Body, such as avatars in the form of clothes, costumes, and so on.
  3. Glass, avatars are used in the form of glasses, expression, sight, etc..
  4. Flag, avatars are usually worn behind the character Gunbound like a flag or hatchet might also like mine.
  5. Ex items, avatars whose function is merely to decorate it, such as background and moving objects behind the characters Gunbound.
But wait! We here are not required to buy, but can try it out first, even we can present it to a friend.

  • Waiting room
Waiting room or waiting room was used to collect the user as much as needed to be able to start the game. The number of users can be 2, 4, 6, or 8 people.
Here we choose a car and items that will be used.

In the waiting room there is a master room can set the game type, map, and any items that can be used. Type of game it can be arranged as follows:
  1. Type "Solo" is more in individual game although done in groups. In this type of game, the player who is dead can not fall back into the game and can only help with the objects fell on the opponent.
  2. Type "Score" more in need of cooperation between players in a team to win the game. In this type, the player who is dead can rejoin the game by selecting a drop point and will return after a few turns.
  3. Type "Jewel" is a type of game by shooting at the opponent but instead of shooting at objects such as ticks, called Jewel to get 100 points as soon as possible.
  4. Type "Tag" is not much different from the Solo game but on the type of player can replace his car with a replacement car that has been previously selected.

  • Display In Game
Finally arrived at the core than this game, namely the fight between the two teams in the arena that has been determined. In this game we did not fight a brutal, indiscriminate, or surround enemy simultaneously. But we play by taking turns shooting and timed 20 seconds. At the turn, we can shoot and select the type of weapon is the weapon 1, 2, and SS weapons. We can also use items that have previously been selected in the waiting room. These items include Dual Shoot, Energy, Teleport, Thunderbolt, etc..
Not only limited to the accuracy of shots and strategies that we use only the power, but the delay strategy or strategies are also greatly influence the turn here.

  • End Game.
End game is determining who the winner and here's provisions.

  1. Solo. The team that players first-out (death) is the losing team. Conversely, teams with players that are still remaining is the winner.
  2. Score. The team comes first "Team Life" is exhausted or a zero, it was he who loses. Instead, the team is "Team Life" is still the winner.
  3. Jewel. Teams that advance to collect 100 points is the winner.
  4. Tag. As the game type Solo

My team that won the game against a team with players who have only one level of the blue dragon .

My team is helpless against a team with two players had the dragon level and .

I can explain a little about Gunbound. For more details, please visit
To register please click >>>
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