Convert your Game to 3D with iZ3D Driver

This time we will try to change the usual games that we play everyday in order to be enjoyed in 3D (anaglyph) with the iZ3D driver assistance so that the view will become more real games.

But to be able to enjoy it, we must use the anaglyph 3D glasses. Glasses can be purchased, even also can be made.

The working principle of this driver is to separate the three-dimensional object that is in the game to 2 colors. Then we use 3-D glasses so that each object with each color can be received by one eye. So as if we are witnessing a real object in front of the eye.

Installation Steps
  1. First of all, download the iZ3D drivers
  2. Once finished downloading, then install in your PC to complete.
  3. Once completed the installation process, usually iZ3D will automatically update the direct x that can run with optimal iZ3D.
  4. Then run the iZ3D drivers who have completed installed.
  5. On the menu select DirectX stereo enabled status to enable or disable to turn off the 3-dimensional effect. Select output anaglyph (free). For example, I use the anaglyph mode Red / Cyan. Then click Apply.
  6. In the Profiles menu entry to the Games tab. On the show wizards, remove the checkmark. In order not to interrupt each time the game is run. Then click aplly.
Now, try running the game. (list of games that support iZ3D)
To be able to enjoy it, we should use 3-D glasses.

How to make your own 3-D glasses will I write a future article.

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