Enabling Facebook Timeline Right Now

Facebook has a new feature on the page with the Facebook profile called Timeline. But for the official release schedule this feature to the public continues to experience delays.

But with some steps that can be done (if we want to), Facebook Timeline feature can be activated on our profile page now.

To see what Facebook Timeline please click the following http://www.facebook.com/about/timeline

Interesting is not it?

Before begin, make sure that we have verified via facebook mobile number. For verification or just check, can be through the following link http://www.facebook.com/confirmphone.php

Here are the steps to activate the feature facebook timeline
  1. Click the link below to get started http://developers.facebook.com/apps then click Allow
  2. Click Create New App on top right corner
  3. Fill App Display Name (up to you) and fill App Namespace (up to you) with all lowercase and no spaces
  4. Click Agree then Continue
  5. Then fill its verification code. Then click send
  6. After logging into the application page that has been made, click on the link Open Graph that is in the left sidebar
  7. Then fill such "People can menulis a cerpen" then click get started. If not successful, try to replace it with another
  8. See the very bottom of the page, then click Save Changes and Next
  9. On the next page, do the same thing that clicks Save Changes and Next
  10. On the last page, click Save and Finish

When finished with the steps above, we just confirm to activate facebook page timeline. Go to the homepage facebook http://www.facebook.com it will appear like the following notification at the top.

Click Get it now. Then check your profile page.
To publish this Facebook Timeline to another user, at the top of the page click profile publish.

Good luck:)
If you still have problems, please ask via the comments box.

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