Reduces Noise On PC With Decrease Fan Speed

Probably annoying if you have to work with computers, while computers are being used always remove noise.

But do you know where the origin of such noise? Of course one of the rotating fan. In the following tips I will try to reduce one cause of noise on the PC.

To decrease the fan rotation, which must be done is to lower the fan voltage is 12V into 5V defaults

1. The condition of wiring on the fan by default:

  • Cable attached to a black wire (here we're not going to change the position of the cable)
  • Cable 2 attached to the yellow cable (12 V)

2. Unplug the cable 2 so that it becomes like this:

  • Cable 1 remains in its original position
  • Cable 2 unplugged from its original position, so that the cable 2 regardless

3. Pair cable 2 to the power supply cables in red:

  • Cable 1 as usual, is not changed
  • Switch cable 2 the power supply cables colored red (5 V)

4. If you encounter any difficulties during the cable pair number 2 to the power supply is red, can you drove it on the power supply connector so that it becomes like this:

If so, attach the fan to the power supply. Then try turning your PC.

Now the noise coming from the fan casing you can be a bit muted. Your work was expected to become more comfortable.

Good luck

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