IDM CC 7.3.8 Add-on for Firefox 8.0

After Firefox update to version 8 yesterday, we also need an update to IDM CC. That is an add-on integration IDM for the browser.

IDM CC 7.3.6 Download Link Mozilla Firefox 7.0

SA-MP: GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Online Client

Do you know, if in fact the game GTA San Andreas can be used to play multiplayer online.

This game can be played online by using a special application called SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) Client.

Mozilla Firefox 8 Released on 7th Anniversary

Coinciding with the anniversary of 7 years in this week, Mozilla released the latest Firefox browser.

Mozilla is developing so fast its browser, Firefox. Firefox now has reached version 8.

RTS Game : Glest

Glest is an open source 3D video game genre of RTS (Real Time Strategy). Glest engine also provides it for free if one is interested in creating their own strategy games.

In this game we can control the armies of two different factions. Tech, troops using equipment and devices menkanik, and Magic, the troops which uses wizards and creatures on the battlefield.

Photo! Editor - Simple and Reliable Photo Editing Software

One more simple photo editor software is free and reliable. That Photo! Editor.

This software can be used to perform basic photo editing tasks such as crop, sharpening, color correction, brightness, red eye fix, even turn your photos into caricatures.

Shooter Game : Chromium B.S.U

Chromium BSU is a free and open source games air-shooter genre that can be run both on Windows and Linux.

This game is one of the best arcade game with the theme of the shooting in outer space.

7Zip - Open Source Compression and Extraction Software

7zip is free and open source applications developed by Igor Pavlov. 7zip can run with a GUI or CLI on Windows. And CLI on Linux and MAC.

Initially 7zip is only designed to compete with other file formats like Zip and RAR. But the newest version already supports many other file formats including Zip and RAR.

How To Exit From a Facebook Group Chat

Chat in facebook group can be very enjoyable. But it can also be annoying when too many people, and chat that happened so fast.

When in fact we can get out of the chat group without getting out of the group itself.

GTA V (GTA Five) Trailer Video

After GTA IV was released around 2008, Rockstargames will soon issue a GTA V (GTA Five). Either when this game will be released, certainly will be very eagerly awaited by fans GTA.

For those of you who are curious as to what about GTA V later, you can see the trailer below.

Install XAMPP on Linux (LAMPP)

For some people, may not be easy to install Apache web server on Linux. Especially when I have to integrate it with MySQL, PHP and Perl.

But it turns out we can do it easily and completely install using XAMPP (Apache MySQL PHP Perl Crossplatform).

Enabling Facebook Timeline Right Now

Facebook has a new feature on the page with the Facebook profile called Timeline. But for the official release schedule this feature to the public continues to experience delays.

But with some steps that can be done (if we want to), Facebook Timeline feature can be activated on our profile page now.

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