SA-MP: GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Online Client

Do you know, if in fact the game GTA San Andreas can be used to play multiplayer online.

This game can be played online by using a special application called SA-MP (San Andreas Multiplayer) Client.

We can play GTA San Andreas with fellow players through the San Andreas multiplayer network server connected to the internet or local network.

The game was later also not arbitrary. We must follow the rules and join a game on our server. Suppose there is a server that requires players to kill each other to get points, there is a special race, and so forth.

However, the average server does not allow the use of cheat. GTA San Andreas cheat codes also can not be used here. Moreover, GTA San Andreas savegame completed a course not needed here because we play by the rules server.

What is needed before using the application mod is of course the game GTA San Andreas. If you do not have the game GTA San Andreas you must install it first. In addition we also require a connection to connect to the server.

To download SA-MP Client, get through the link below (~ 13 MB)

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