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about ega227
Ega Zulfikar, or better known as ega227 or TipiTuner in cyberspace, is a teenager like in general. Likes to play games, blogging, and sleeping at home. Likes to read, find out about new things are discovered.

Initiate formal primary school education in Semarang for 1.5 years, in Solo continued for 1 year, and back to Semarang. Here I began to recognize that the internet was very expensive (tariff: 7000 per hour) and online games.

Elementary School until graduation, then I moved to Jogja to continue junior in 2006. With the growing proliferation of internet cafes, internet tariffs started low and I began diligently to the cafe for browsing, social networking was fun or just chat.

Then I began to recognize the blog in mid-2007, and started my first blog article entitled, "Which PC Cooling System is the Best?" that I got from the hyem forum.

But with the increasing number of Internet content, blogging activity was shifted to the existence twitter microblogging as a more simple.Especially after I had continued his education at SMK N 2 Yogyakarta, I became increasingly preoccupied with the tasks and the demands of making a report after each lab which of course took my spare time.

But although rarely update this blog content, the number of visitors on this blog instead actually increased rather than depleted. And it made ​​me interested in blogging again.

About ega blog

ega blog (www.egablog.web.id) is a blog about games and themed PC, built around the beginning of September 2008 and published the first article dated 12 September 2008.

2 times I change my blog address. I forgot my first address, and only last a few days. Then the second address is egablog227.blogspot.com that I used until 17 Ferbuari 2011 to change my domain to be www.egablog.web.id

2 also had time to change the blog template. That's from the dark blogger template, and templates belong to o-om, and eventually using templates Magazine 2 owned by Kang Rohman.

As for the header, I've used 2 different headers. That is when a domain egablog227.blogspot.com and egablog.web.id (now).


About Me

about ega227My name is ega227, I'm from Indonesia and was born in 3 Desember 1993

Liking anythings related to Information and Technology.

Being educated in 'Princess Juliana School 012'.

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